I Am Steve McQueen

I Am Steve McQueen explores the life of the legendary actor through the eyes of the people that knew him best. Appearing for the first time ever to share their intimate perspectives, first wife Neile Adams McQueen, Ali MacGraw, and Barbara Minty McQueen provide a candid look at Steve’s life. His family followed his path into acting, racing, or both, including son Chad, ("Karate Kid"), his grandson Steven ("Vampire Diaries"), and granddaughter Molly ("Carjacked"), who share amazing insights into Steve’s persona.

The film features an array of luminaries from Hollywood including Gary Oldman, Pierce Brosnan, Marisa Miller, Robert Vaughn, Randy Couture, John Gilmore, Zoe Bell, Norman Jewison, Kristin Kreuk, and Ben Mankiewicz. Together they share how Steve’s rugged good looks, bad-boy persona, and searing charisma helped him transform from a troubled teen living on his own to the highest paid and most sought-after actor of his generation.