Steeda × McQueen Racing Mustang

“This new series of performance cars represents a significant advancement”

— Chad McQueen

A legendary collaboration

The joint venture between McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles aims to deliver the utmost quality performance vehicles in the automotive industry. The Limited-Edition Series, beginning with the 2024 Mustang, will provide race enthusiasts with an unparalleled driving experience and unique equipment upgrades all at competitive prices. These vehicles will combine cutting-edge engineering and superior craftsmanship from both McQueen Racing and Steeda ensuring unmatched performance and handling.

Performance where it counts

Each McQueen Racing Mustang will feature Steeda's state-of-the-art suspension, brake, and powertrain systems, benefitting from the collective racing knowledge of the entire Steeda Team and Chad McQueen. These vehicles will incorporate the latest performance technology, leveraging the extensive racing experience and the design/engineering expertise of both entities.

Perfectly refined

The vehicles will boast distinctive exterior styling and interior refinements, providing a wide range of customization options for drivers. With suspension modifications and the unique McQueen Racing Mulholland wheels paired with Nitto Performance Tires, all McQueen Racing Mustangs will showcase an aggressive stance and attitude. Both supercharged and naturally aspirated versions will be available.

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